Magenta – The Uncolor?

Magenta – The Uncolor?
Did you know that magenta does not exist as a spectral color? It’s true! I’ve gotten in trouble by saying this before because it does require a bit of explaining. We see in a relatively small slice of the electomagnetic spectrum…, between 400 and 800 nanometers

The low end is the Ultraviolet and the top end is Infrared. In other words, from deep violet to deep red but no intermingling of the two to make magenta. That’s why it is called an extra spectral color and you’ll never see it in a rainbow. It lies outside the spectrum. Issac Newton was the first to pull the two ends of the spectrum together into a circle but it was Geothe who identified “Pupur” or Magenta as an extra-spectral color itself.

The mechanism our brain uses to “see” a color converts a mixture of blue and red light together to make us perceive magenta…a color that does not exist by itself. This is one of the wonderful things about color that can frustrate, delight and mystify us.

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