Contemporary Faux Arts






Faux Concrete walls

Contemporary Finishes

A contemporary finish is used as a major design element itself, even if it is an imitation of another material.  Take concrete for example.  This is a major look right now in new construction for clean, elegant and minimalist design.  To use this in a re-design of an existing room is, however, cost –prohibitive and that is when the decorative finisher can step in and use their talents to imitate this material.  Old pitted and oxidized metals is another area of current interest that Designers are looking at imitating.

Venetian plaster finish

Natural Decorative plaster (Venetian plaster)

Many of the so-called “Olde Worlde Finishes” are contemporary because of the way they are rendered.  That is, glazing a wall to achieve visual texture with color and contrast, which is an old trick dressed up with a new name.  Textures in various forms have been big for years now and stone-like lime plasters are seeing a resurgence in popularity because of their elegance and subtlety.

Proceed Metallic Texture - Custom Bronze

Metallic finishes are being used today in ways that they were never used before.  This is mainly because changes and improvements in technology  have allowed us to use materials that were never in existence before.

Iron paint

Iron Paint

Iron paint is being painted on surprising surfaces and patinated to allow the beautiful burnt-orange color of rust to glow. Ditto copper and bronze for the blue/green verdigris colors that were previously only available after expensive installations of the real metal.

Strong horizontals and vertical elements mimic the elegant aesthetics of Japan

Design by Elise Kodish

Contemporary and Traditional finishes for interior decorating generally have to follow certain rules.  Wall finishes usually play a sub-ordinate role in the design for interior spaces because one does not want to distract the attention away from rugs, furniture, artwork, etc.  Good interior design dictates that the room should gradually reveal itself the longer one stays in it.