2012 Kitchen color trends

Designer-Elise Kodish

Kitchen and Bath Trends

The nice folks at the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) have done a huge survey with their members and spotted 10 new trends for the market for 2012

Cherry, Maple and Alder, which have dominated the market in Kitchen and Bath Cabinets since the turn of the century, have seen a sharp drop in popularity. Medium to dark stains and finishes are starting to take over with woods like Oak, Birch and Walnut becoming the cabinet materials of choice.

This is so much easier than it was 20 years ago when everybody wanted their dark, walnut-stained oak cabinets pickled with just a “simple wipe of white stain”. At least, some idiot said that on a DIY network so it became truth through simple repetition. It’s easy to make a light wood darker with glazes and almost impossible to make it lighter without stripping the old finishes first. A project I enjoy as much as digging ditches and licking an old telephone pole.

In painted finishes, White continues to dominate the market with other colors being picked about a third of the time. Distressed finishes, which had fallen off to about 5% of specified kichen finishes last year, have recently surged back to 22%. Go baby go!Distressed Cabinet

For the first time since the NKBA started to track national trends, Traditional style kitchens no longer dominate the market. Now the word is Transitional, which is a blend of Traditional and Contemporary. People just don’t want to fully jump into the simple lines of Contemporary style but want to soften the look with a few curves and/or elaborations of Traditional. Full Contemporary is next most popular followed by Shaker, Arts and Crafts and Cottage styles of Kitchen and Bath cabinetry.

Designer-Elise Kodish

Make sure you have platinum-colored metallic textures in your portfolio as well as decorative plasters with very little movement. Marmorinos and Anticos are excellent for this and are increasingly being called for.

Color Schemes

Shades of gray are again pulling ahead in Kitchens and Baths as well as the rest of the house. Whites and off-whites continue to be the most popular colors as well as bone and beiges. After Gray, Bronzes and Terra Cottas are the next popular choices followed by Greens and then Blues. Try juxtaposing a bright, cheerful color with the gray but keep it around 15-20% of the area

Other trends involve glass backsplashes and counters, faucets and concrete and natural stone countertops. For the full article, read it here: NKBA Kitchen and Bath Trends