2012 Color Trends

Trendy colors for 2012 continue to be warm and cool greys from Taupe to Platinum. Cadmium reds and gray, Sky blue and gray, Light purple and gray…you get the idea.

The color prognosticators see warmer blues (towards violet) juxtiposed with stark whites coming back along with burnt oranges as a wake-up color (think rust).

Natural palette colors will continue to be the easiest sell with soft luster metallics like pearl for a contemporary and elegant flair. Try a metallic texture in the same color as the walls for a subtle accent.

Natural-looking and “green” materials have enjoyed a resurgence as “Old World” finishes have died off. Weaves and striaes using textures are big sellers but be sure to keep the millage or thickness to a minimum for easy reversibility.

It probably doesn’t need to be said but I’ll say it anyways: Kill the word “faux” off your advertising. Le Monde in NY City have decided “faux painting” is dated and common. Two words that are death to fashion.

Damask patterns and harlequin repeats are great for making long hallways more cozy. They will also dress up an accent wall. Keep them subtle and faded. Put a light glaze over them or cover them in patches of glass beads for an over-the-top look.

I have never found much use for trends and fads in colors but it is always good to sound like you know what is “in”. The above opinions are my own and are to be taken with a grain of salt.

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  1. Maduike James

    How do I learn more about colors?I need your reply

    • Dean Sickler

      Hi Maduike,
      That is why I wrote a book about colors. It is available on this site. Do you have a question I can answer?

  2. Debbie

    I just came across your site (blog?). I’m still fairly new to the internet. Just a couple of years ago at 57, I picked up my 1st computer. I have been searching high and low for the information you have here. I literally checked out 6 different books twice from the library and brought them right back. I can’t wait to order your book. The type of info that you supply is nowhere to be found. Not that I could find. I will get back to you after I receive your book and get the word out about your website. Others that I know have been looking for this great info on color, too. Thank you. Thank you. Debbie from New Orleans

  3. Carolyn

    I have been in the furniture painting business and this year have dabbled in faux finishes and glazes. I am having trouble finding a right color to use for a glaze on any shade of gray. Each time I use a black or a brown glaze, no matter how “dark” I make it, it looks purple when applied! I always resort to white instead for contrast out of my frustration. What am I missing as far as the underlying tones/hues/tints? I have been reading your very informative topics trying to find an answer. Thank you for your expertise!

    • Dean Sickler

      Hi Carolyn,
      Black pigments have a bluish bias so most grays and glazes made with black will have a purplish cast. Try 3 parts raw umber and 1 part yellow oxide or raw sienna in a glaze. That being said, I’ve had good luck using dark metallic paints like Steel Gray in a glaze for going over a gray base. The metallic is not pronounced and no problems with strange color-shifts.

  4. Dean Sickler

    Hi Masound,
    The only way I know to increase the stain resistance is to use a better quality acrylic resin which will increase the price. I do not know what you have available in your region.

  5. Dean Sickler

    Hi Masoud,
    Talk to the good people at http://www.paintinfo.com/. It is a division of the Master Painters Institute.

  6. Dean Sickler

    Change the bulbs back to a “daylight” spectrum instead of warm white.

  7. Mary Fullington

    I’m looking forward to studying your book. Until then, I have painted three adjoining rooms in BM Tapestry Beige. In the room with indirect light from the north and west, it’s the brown based neutral I liked. In the rooms with NE exposures, also shaded by a porch roof, it looks distinctly more gray — no surprise there. Can you suggest how to adjust the formula for tapestry beige so that when I re-paint the NE facing rooms they will look to the eye like the brown-based neutral I see in the NW facing room? Have tried incandescent bulbs and reveal bulbs. Incandescent bulbs help a bit, but turn a lovely “oyster” upholstery pink – not the look I was going for. Thank you.

    • Dean Sickler

      Hi Mary,

      Tapestry Beige does have a bit of a greenish/grey base to it. Try HC-83 “Grant Beige”, it’s always been a reliable one for me. Or you could add a touch of Red Oxide (F) to the BM 975.

  8. Ale Dare

    I am a young Quantity Surveyor in Nigeria and I want to go pro in painting(buildings) . How do I get your books and write-ups?

  9. Ale Dare

    I read your write-up titled “Water-based Alchemy”. Some terms like “hold down”, “grab”, “slow-drying glaze” and “blocking” are not clear to me. Please I need some explanation. Thanks.

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