2012 Color Trends

Trendy colors for 2012 continue to be warm and cool greys from Taupe to Platinum. Cadmium reds and gray, Sky blue and gray, Light purple and gray…you get the idea.

The color prognosticators see warmer blues (towards violet) juxtiposed with stark whites coming back along with burnt oranges as a wake-up color (think rust).

Natural palette colors will continue to be the easiest sell with soft luster metallics like pearl for a contemporary and elegant flair. Try a metallic texture in the same color as the walls for a subtle accent.

Natural-looking and “green” materials have enjoyed a resurgence as “Old World” finishes have died off. Weaves and striaes using textures are big sellers but be sure to keep the millage or thickness to a minimum for easy reversibility.

It probably doesn’t need to be said but I’ll say it anyways: Kill the word “faux” off your advertising. Le Monde in NY City have decided “faux painting” is dated and common. Two words that are death to fashion.

Damask patterns and harlequin repeats are great for making long hallways more cozy. They will also dress up an accent wall. Keep them subtle and faded. Put a light glaze over them or cover them in patches of glass beads for an over-the-top look.

I have never found much use for trends and fads in colors but it is always good to sound like you know what is “in”. The above opinions are my own and are to be taken with a grain of salt.

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