Magenta – The Uncolor?

Magenta – The Uncolor? Did you know that magenta does not exist as a spectral color? It’s true! I’ve gotten in trouble by saying this before because it does require a bit of explaining. We see in a relatively small slice of the electomagnetic spectrum…, between 400 and 800 nanometers Read More »

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2012 Kitchen color trends

Kitchen and Bath Trends The nice folks at the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) have done a huge survey with their members and spotted 10 new trends for the market for 2012 Cherry, Maple and Alder, which have dominated the market in Kitchen and Bath Cabinets since the turn Read More »

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2012 Color Trends

Trendy colors for 2012 continue to be warm and cool greys from Taupe to Platinum. Cadmium reds and gray, Sky blue and gray, Light purple and gray…you get the idea. The color prognosticators see warmer blues (towards violet) juxtiposed with stark whites coming back along with burnt oranges as a Read More »

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A better color circle for mixing pigments

Use this (C-M-Y) color circle for more accurate color mixing.

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Reuse, Recycle, Discover new colors with old paints

Since the beginning of my career, I’ve always looked at and used the mis-tint stacks of paint at paint stores. I could buy premium paint for pennies on the dollar and usually get one close enough to the color I want to be able to easily adjust it with pigments or with other house paints. You will have a lot of fun discovering new colors and derive satisfaction from using up all those old cans of paint.
As an added bonus, you will feel good knowing that you will be keeping gallons of paint out of the waste stream. Continued…

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Beige – The Chameleon Color

Beige is a problematic color for walls in that no two people will agree on exactly what it is. It can be the most docile of neutrals and it can be as insipid as a flesh tone. Beige is used as a neutralizing hue in between stronger hues but most often it is used as a safe compromise…

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Why Color Often Goes Awry

That perfect beige you picked out in the store will shift to “pinkish” on your wall because of metamerism. You did not see the “pinkish” cast of the beige at the paint store because the cool fluorescent lights cancelled that hue. The coolish Northern light coming in through a window makes the beige look perfect during the day but as soon as the warm incandescent lights come on… the pink pops out again.

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Conversion Chart

A very useful and free tool for measuring out liquids and weights. How many tablespoons are in an ounce. How many cc’s are in a teaspoon, etc. Convert metric to American Standard and vice versa.

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Contemporary Faux Arts

A contemporary finish is used as a major design element itself, even if it is an imitation of another material. Take concrete for example. This is a major look right now in new construction for clean, elegant and minimalist design. To use this in a re-design of an existing room is, however, cost –prohibitive and that is when the decorative finisher can step in and use their talents to imitate this material.

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